Ivan Dolac

Ivan Dolac, is a village on the south side of Hvar, ideal for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. It is well known for its pebble beaches and vineyards that give high quality wines. The origin of grape vines and its historic route in conquering the world is still a topic of research. It is has been confirmed though, that grape vines have existed in the Mediterranean over 3,500 years. The first development of vineyards on the island of Hvar is tied to the settlement of the Greeks, who planted their first vineyards on this sunny island back in the 4th century B.C. Two centuries later, the Romans spread this crop to every fertile field on the island and perfected the wine production process so that we may still today enjoy in its unique smell and taste.

Other than for its wine, Ivan Dolac is known for its clean environment, aromatic plants (rosemary, lavander, oregano) and other flora specific to the Mediterranean climate. A tunnel (1,3 km) connects Ivan Dolac with the rest of the island. Ivan Dolac's partial isolation and most hours of sun (in all of Croatia) have lead to the development of a special microclimate in this area. Ivan Dolac's position, facing the open sea and turned towards the sun, along with the comfortable accommodations and hospitable hosts of Villa Petar, will guarantee to make your summer vacation memorable.